Zoiper Softphone enables the user to make and receive calls though multiple SIP and IAX accounts and lines while confident in the security of your conversation. Moreover, Zoiper softphone make and receive voice calls with supreme quality, which also can transfer and hold calls.

Zoiper SIP Client to start making and receiving calls all around the world. Enjoy our lowest callacloud call rate right now!

Benefits of Using  in Zoiper

Cost Efficiency
The most important benefit of AlienVoIP technology is cost efficiency, which in turn adds to the savings of consumers and companies using it. You will have a lot of cost savings by using callacloud for Zoiper softphone because there is no surcharges and no taxes. Generally, it saves around 60% to 70% of the traditional phone bills. It may not sound as lucrative for individuals, but if large organizations are considered, the savings can be in the millions. Apart from that, all major international cards are accepted and no minimum usage requirement by using callacloud. By using callaclou, users can make a call to their destination with the lowest calling rate by using a single communication device.

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