Call-A-Cloud: About Us

Call-A-Cloud is a communications service provider specializing in the area of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony systems. We provide specifically developed VoIP based mobile applications for businesses with the intention of simplifying their complex communication needs and requirements.

The Call-A-Cloud advantage

The advantage with Call-A-Cloud is that we provide products and services that are reliable, to say the least. We have worked with clients from all over the globe and each one of them has been more than satisfied with our offerings.

Our products enjoy advanced communication capabilities because we do not compromise on our network infrastructure. In fact, our network infrastructure is an independent one, which means we have complete control and any issues faced, will be managed and addressed by us.

Our VoIP applications are also developed with features that allow for enhanced online accessibility. This allows our VoIP systems to perform seamlessly without interferences that commonly affect other standard VoIP services.

Call-4-Cloud uses products that are sourced only from the most reputed global brands. As a result, our customers enjoy the various benefits of investing in a telecommunications service that is dependable and problem free. We even provide round the clock technical support services that are managed by highly skilled technicians.

Our technicians are well versed in the area of VoIP telephony and are willing to troubleshoot or fix any issues that might show up. They also oversee day to day maintenance and administration, making sure that our customers never have to face any downtime in their communication efforts.

Our objective

At Call-4-Cloud we provide our customers with complete end-to-end communication solutions. We achieve this through aggressive strategizing, strengthening our expertise and improving business relationships with all our global partners. This directly benefits our customers by allowing them to access products and services that are competitively priced and loaded with the latest features. The experience is further enhanced by the presence of robust technical support services.

We are firm believers in the idea of providing quality products and services for our customers. Offering quality services and products is the primary method through which we aim to gain the confidence of our customers. With this in mind, we consistently strive to produce products and services that offer superior operational speeds and functions.

Our efforts are sincerely directed towards helping our customers meet their goals in terms of business growth. Our client’s growth is, after all, our growth as well.

Our people

At Call-4-Cloud, we also believe that an organization’s true potential can be reached only through its human capital. That is why we nurture an organizational environment that is open and founded on mutual trust. Our employees are recognized at an individual level for their contributions and values. We make it a point to provide them with opportunities that help them learn, grow, and develop.

The end result of our methods is that we are able to operate a business that excels in all areas in order to create the most effective and efficient solutions possible.



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