CallaCloud SIP Configuration with BeroNet VoIP Gateway

Step 1: Click below link to download CalnCall SIP profile:

Beronet Voip Gateway

Step 2:

Beronet Voip Gateway

Step 3:

Beronet Voip Gateway

Step 4:

Please login into BeroNet Gateway

Default IP:

Username: admin


For more details:

Beronet Voip Gateway

Step 5:

We must need firmware 16.x to upload the CallaCloud SIP Profile.

We have to upload CallaCloud SIP rofile under SIP profile management as shown in below Fig.

Beronet Voip Gateway

Step 6:

Now you can able to see the CallaCloud SIP profile under VoIP provider as shown in below Fig.

Beronet Voip Gateway

Step 7:

Go to Sip –> Press Add button

Beronet Voip Gateway

Step 8:

Select SIP profile –> VoIP Provider –> CallaCloud –> Press Next button

Beronet Voip Gateway

Step 9:

To get CallaCloud Account Details, please contact

Step 10:

Beronet Voip Gateway

Step 11:

To apply the settings click activate button.

Beronet Voip Gateway

Step 12:

To see the CallaCloud SIP Trunk registration status Go to Management –> State

Beronet Voip Gateway

Step 13: In order to make / receive calls via CallaCloud SIP Trunk as shown below figure.

For more details about BeroNet dial plan, please visit:

Beronet Voip Gateway



Call-A-Cloud is a communications service provider specializing in the area of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony systems from Malaysia. We provide specifically developed VoIP based mobile applications for businesses with the intention of simplifying their complex communication needs and requirements

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