Is Your Small Business Leveraging the VoIP Cloud Advantage Yet?

The advent of cloud computing has made things easier for businesses both big and small. And this is one of the biggest reasons for the presence of cloud-based systems in virtually every aspect of the business environment. The many advantages of cloud-based systems make them a great choice for small businesses. Nowhere is this more apparent or the advantages more evident than with cloud-based VoIP systems. So is your small business positioned to get these advantages? If you have not switched over yet, here are some reasons that will help you make up your mind quickly.
Immense cost savings

A smart business owner always has an eye on business expenses that can be trimmed down to make the company more cost-efficient. Telephony services are core requirements for any business and you may think that there is no way to cut down costs here but VoIP cloud systems make it possible too. These systems allow you to leverage technologies that larger competitors are using but at a fraction of the cost. You eliminate the need for a receptionist and the investment in equipment for the VoIP system and this helps you keep your costs under control. You get all of these without compromising on the quality of the telephony system at your business.

Utmost flexibility

Today you have one office, tomorrow you grow into ten different branches. Communicating your new numbers to clients, partners, associates, vendors can become a huge task in itself. Plus, what about the advertising that you have already put out with the number of your initial set up? Your audience associates your business with that number to some extent and retaining it as your business contact number is actually a great idea. With your cloud based VoIP system, you can now do this easily.  All you need to do is get the client or associate to dial an extension after they reach you using the familiar number of your office. The call can be sent out anywhere irrespective of whether the recipient is in-house or at another office location.

Conferencing and collaborating made easy

When you need to communicate with partners at remote locations or carry out online meetings with business associates, lighting fast and disruption free conference calls can make life so much easier for you. Using bolt-on tools to do your conferencing is not a good idea because they tend to fail midway or the performance and features may not be up to mark. With cloud-based VoIP systems at hand, these worries are now a thing of the past. In fact, you can even convert your voice calls into text for record keeping and unambiguous communication.

With these many advantages, it is easy to see why VoIP cloud system are all the rage today. If your business is not keeping up with this trend, it is time to switch right now!

About Callacloud:

Callacloud is a specialized VoIP telephony system provider. We at Callacloud offers DID numbers of almost all the countries in the world. We offer different type of solutions based on the requirement of the customers. We are certified providers of IP-PBX systems from leading brands. As a software developer, we have mobile VoIP apps using which businesses can make mobile phone calls over the internet. With a robust cloud telephony in place, one can manage business calls through laptop sitting in the comfort of a home. One can also analyse the call details for a whole month since everything is stored in the cloud.

We offer,

» Reliable products and services

» Enhanced online accessibility

» Independent network infrastructure

» Advanced voice and data communication capabilities

» Excellent technical support

We source products from some of the country’s and world’s leading brands. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re investing in robust telecommunication solutions that deliver your investment’s worth of benefits. Our managed services deliver an ‘always-on’ infrastructure and 24x7x365 access to experts to perform day-to-day administrative and maintenance tasks with zero hassles.


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