Major difference between a IP based PBX and cloud based PBX


The Rise of Cloud Based VoIP

Cloud technology brings new hope for the development of disruptive technologies. It has already incubated new technologies like cloud computing and cloud-based VoIP services. There is no doubt that cloud-based services can help companies improve their bottom line. This can be done by removing multiple vendors, reducing expenses, refocusing ICT services while allowing workers to connect more easily, regardless of where they are located.

Adoption of cloud-based VoIP services will break the status quo in communication services. Many companies are already working with service providers to adopt cloud-based communication, including those in Singapore. An increasing number of Singapore-based companies will shift to cloud-based VoIP over premise-restricted PBXs in the coming years.

Major difference between a IP based PBX and cloud based PBX

The major difference between an IP-based PBX service and a cloud-based PBX service is that the former is installed/maintained by the company. You also have to make provisions for external SIP trunks and voice lines. On the other hand, in a cloud-based PBX, the application/management of the PBX system is the responsibility of the service provider and the voice services are streamed over a shared or dedicated IP connection.

So it is no wonder that when it comes to small and medium sized enterprises, cloud-based PBX services are winning. Larger companies are also jumping on the cloud-based PBX service bandwagon. And why not? Cloud-based PBX offers a wonderful opportunity to bring all voice-based PBX systems under one roof, creating a seamless system that can be deployed over an entire company.

Advantages of cloud-based PBX over IP-based PBX

All business phone solutions have advantages and disadvantages. So you have to be very careful when you are determining the best fit for your needs. Here are some of the advantages of a cloud-based PBX system.

It has in-built business continuity

– If your business location becomes inaccessible because of some natural causes or internet or power failure, you can easily relocate your cloud-based PBX system without undertaking any complex installations.

Refocus staff formerly dedicated to the hardware-based PBX

– By rededicating your staff to an online management portal, you can change the focus of your business to other initiatives, reducing operating costs.

There are many more advantages like ease of flexibility and management, provision of single system and more. In fact, most of the savings from using a cloud-based PBX system happen because you pay only for the extensions you use.

About Callacloud:

Callacloud is a specialized VoIP telephony system provider. We at Callacloud offers DID numbers of almost all the countries in the world. We offer different type of solutions based on the requirement of the customers. We are certified providers of IP-PBX systems from leading brands. As a software developer, we have mobile VoIP apps using which businesses can make mobile phone calls over the internet. With a robust cloud telephony in place, one can manage business calls through laptop sitting in the comfort of a home. One can also analyse the call details for a whole month since everything is stored in the cloud.

We offer,

» Reliable products and services

» Enhanced online accessibility

» Independent network infrastructure

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We source products from some of the country’s and world’s leading brands. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re investing in robust telecommunication solutions that deliver your investment’s worth of benefits. Our managed services deliver an ‘always-on’ infrastructure and 24x7x365 access to experts to perform day-to-day administrative and maintenance tasks with zero hassles.



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